Tuesday, January 8, 2019


clouds swirling around the Catalina Moutains

So, in case you missed it, Arizona decided to try "New Year, New Me" in a pretty crazy way. IT SNOWED! 

I was a bit disappointed, waking up New Year's Day, to no snow. Oh sure, I could see snow in the Catalina Mountains, I have a nice view of the Catalinas and Thimble Peak from my apartment. It was pretty, but snow on the ground. Bummer! 

I went out to unblanket the ponies, and was excited to see snow!

Climbing out of our little wash


I know it's hard to tell, but Truby is actually in those pictures. I know, I know, she blends into the snowy landscape, you can barely see her!

 Truby always thinks these fronds are food
They are not food.

They were calling for MORE snow that night. And again, I woke up annoyed at the lack of snow. Some of my friends further east, or much south were posting more pictures of all their snow. And I had none! Husband and I decided to go see the new Spiderman movie that morning. (I have a long standing dislike of Spiderman movies, mostly because how many freaking origin movies do we need?????? The answer apparently being ONE MORE, because the new one is awesome!) I loved it. It was fun and sweet and different and the perfect movie to see on a cold, grey morning. 

Our sad little dusting of snow

So while we left the house that had just a teeny tiny bit of snow, just a few miles down the road, the desert changed dramatically. It was incredible! I hope you want a ton of pictures, because after the movie, we went out to let  Truby play in the snow!

The Catalinas shrouded in clouds

Tanque Verde Wash
(Remember this view for my next post)

Tanque Verde Wash
(Remember this view for my next post)

 Rincon Mountains 

 The barn is at the end of the road

 She was SO HAPPY to play in the snow!


I told them to look cute for a pic for Cinco's Mom.

 It was quite dark and overcast

Coyote tracks in the little wash

Cinco was confused about the whole "snow" thing
"Hello! What is white stuff????"

Cinco's mom leaves Truby baby carrots sometimes

 It's really cute, especially since Truby doesn't find them right away

Truby and Cowgirl's runs

And one more, because Saguaro cacti in the snow is rare!

It very rarely snows here, obviously. I read only three times since 1990? Something close to that. It can get cold out here, but rarely is it ever cold enough AND wet enough to get snow. Well, our mountains get snow, but valley snow is very much a rarity. 

It was really exciting to experience! I'm a winter girl, so I was in heaven. Truby had a blast, feeling very feisty, rolling in the snow, playing and cavorting. Cinco was baffled, both by the snow and his friend's behavior. I don't know that he's ever seen snow before. 

It was gone by the next day though. It was a fun way to start the new year. Unusual. Unexpected. Amazing. If you'd like to see more pictures, here some links. Earther and Washington Post seem to have the best round up of photos (note: I didn't look very hard for more pictures, so I'm sure you can find a ton with a quick google search!) 


  1. I love experiencing some snow and I think what you got would be the perfect amount for me - also totally agree with you on Spider Man movies can we please stop rebooting? I don't plan on seeing the new one but my friends (and you) have said good things about it.

    1. It was so fun! I really miss snow, I"m a total winter girl and LOVE snow! I'm also glad I'm not the only Spidey hater out there. But srsly, see the new one, when it's out on Netflix if nothing else. Since it's Mile Morales and not Peter Parker it's perfect for us PP burnouts.


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