Wednesday, May 15, 2019

I Just Wanted to Visit My Horse

This morning I went to visit Truby. I do this all the time, so I've gotten pretty good at it. I parked my car in the parking area, and followed the drive towards the barn.

I was actually looking at the ground, it's a good idea in the desert. Or at a barn. There's snakes and lizards and sleepy Golden Retrievers and poop of all kinds.

Suddenly I stopped short and my heart fell to the ground before leaping back up and slamming against my chest. My body realized before my brain that I was about TWO STEPS away from stepping right on a rattlesnake.


 pls do not step on snek

Once I got done dying, I did what any rational person would do, take pictures. Lucky for me, the drive splits to make a loop around the barn, so I was able to alter my course and walk down the far side of the drive. I stopped by to give Truby a pat, then walked back around to take another picture, because I'm stupid like that. 

 Warmed by the sun, she turned around and eventually left

Afterward, I took Truby for a nice little ride. We stayed in the arena the entire time. My original plan was to do 30 minutes in the ring then head out for a walk around the stable and maybe one of the turnouts, but for some reason I wanted to stay where the ground was clear and any snakes would be clearly visible. 

The mesquite trees are still pretty and bring green

Truby got a spa day. I was just going to wash her tail and legs (I'm trying out some Equiderma lotion on her leg scruff), but she was kinda icky with dirt and fly spray and sweat, so I decided to do a full bath. No pics, but she was soft and gleaming after! I tucked her into her fly sheet and let her enjoy the rest of her morning. Heading home, I stopped to watch this buzzard pick at his breakfast, a squashed ground squirrel (I think). 


It's all worth it to spend time with this silly face

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

A Very Truby Birthday Party

Happy Birthday, Truby!

Recently both my husband and my best friend graduated from college. Since we're all creeping towards 40, neither of them felt particularly excited or proud about it. It was just something they worked hard at, yes, but both of them clearly didn't have the starry eyed excitement of someone in their early 20s, newly educated and ready for their first 'real' job. 

Both of their families wanted to celebrate though. So I spent a bit of time thinking about it, and then explaining to them why their family wanted to celebrate even though they themselves didn't feel like there was anything special. 

I realized it's because life can be really boring. At best. At worst, it can suck. Especially in husband's case, where a bunch of the family was getting together to visit his father who's in failing health. Last year they lost a beloved member of the family, and just recently, another. Having a little graduation party wasn't really about the husband, it was a much needed excuse to get together and have a good time. 

Of course, both their families were proud of them (even if my friend and my husband weren't especially proud of themselves.) They wanted to celebrate the time and effort and money they had invested in themselves in hopes of creating a better life. They did work hard, they did learn a lot, and they had to set aside a lot of free time to do so. And their families (me included!) are proud of them. 

Plus, who doesn't love an excuse to eat some cake?

A Truby party has been an idea I've had for years, but never actually done for no real good reason. But with the above thoughts in mind, I decided to have a party this year. Life can be boring. Or it can be stressful. Or both. Plus, let's eat some cake! So I threw myself into planning a really great party. I had a blast planning it. I decided to go all out, with games, prizes, and food. It was going to be fairly small, just barn friends, but it was gonna be fun.

Getting set up

Everyone seemed really excited about coming, but at the last minute, the barn owner and her sister had to deal with a family thing and couldn't make it. Bummer! Husband came to help me set up, and when we got there, M and Cinco where gone. And I began to wonder if I was going to host a party no one came to. I was determined to enjoy it, even by myself, but I was also going to feel like a pathetic loser if no one showed! 

We got everything set up, and a few minutes after 4pm, Jena and her daughter arrived! They were super excited, and we took pictures of everything, and especially Truby. Not longer after, K, Annie's owner walked into the barn. I asked if she was there to see Annie, or to party, and she replied "I'm here to party!" Whoo hoo! Truby's party was a party!

Checking out the prizes

"I could win this Truby Trivia contest"

Checking out the people cake

I had gotten paper unicorn headbands, and we started off by getting drinks (pink lemonade with frozen strawberries and water with frozen mixed berries. The water turned a really pretty pale purple.) and decorating our headbands. While we were coloring and chatting away, M pulled up! She had mistaken the start time, but that was okay. She put Cinco away, and we got her some unicorn punch and a headband. 

Best pic of the unicorn headbands

It was really nice, all of us just hanging out together. It was hot and sunny, but in the shade of the barn, with cold drinks and friends, it was perfect. In true horse girl fashion, I'm pretty sure we could have just talked horses and horse people all night, but K had to leave, so I stared the games. 

Truby ended up being the only one who played Pin the Tail on the Unicorn, because the Gator got parked in front of it (plus we kinda forgot it was there!) but everyone played Truby Trivia and How Many Treats in the Jar. I also had Equestrians Against Normalcy, but we never got that far.

Test your Truby knowledge!

After scoring the trivia contest, I gave out the correct answers, and then shared a whole bunch of baby Truby pictures I had brought with me. Because what's better than cute baby pics?


In addition to regular people cake (and gluten free people cupcakes) I had also made pony cupcakes. So we got Annie and Cinco out, along with Truby, and we sang Happy Birthday to her. She spent the entire time trying to get her cupcake. And when I finally gave it to her, she sucked it down before I could peel the paper off!

M has cupcakes????

Annie didn't like her cupcake and spat it all out

Cinco was intrigued, but unsure

Kenna has cupcakes????

Cupcakes with friends

Loose Unicorn!!!!!!

Truby loved her cupcakes so much, that when I put her back in her stall, she spun around and darted back to the party area, hoping for more! She's such a naughty unicorn! The entire property is fenced, so I wasn't worried about her getting loose-loose. I couldn't help but laugh at her silliness. It was easy enough to grab her, and return her to her stall, especially since I brought another cupcake along with me. 

Afterwards we ate our people cake and people cupcakes (Jena is gluten free, so I made her a batch of cupcakes filled with homemade lemon curd. If you ever want to sound extra extra, tell people you're making gluten free cupcakes for a horse's birthday party. Eyes will roll!)  

The party wound down as the sun set, and after cake we took a walk on the Backyard trail, and poured out the berry 'ice cubes' for the coyotes. It was almost completely dark as we got back to the barn, so we broke down the party and packed up. I sent everyone home with their party favor boxes (of course there were party favors! Unicorn themed, obviously) and we all went home, tired, but happy. 

Auri helping make up party favors

My party went pretty well as planned. We missed out on a few games (Pin the Tail, Equestrians Against Normalcy, and I had gotten some pony paint so everyone could paint a real life Truby) but that was okay. We had a ton of fun, and even the horses enjoyed it. Planning the party was a lot of fun for me, and helped distract me from some worries I have. And getting my favorite Tucson horse friends together was a blast! Everyone had a really good time. I'll definitely have another party for Truby. Maybe something fancy for her 21st????

Gonna need some champagne next time!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Road Trip: The Painted Desert

Originally I was going to do a single post about our trip to Northern Arizona, but when I started going through pictures, it was REALLY hard to narrow it down, so I decided to break the pictures up in the places we went. There's no Truby here, but you'll get to see some incredible views of Arizona!

We ended up leaving a day early (YAY!) 
 Auri was not happy
She thought if she hid the directions we'd stay home with her.

Leaving Tucson, these are still the Catalina Mountains

Asked the husband to try and tailgate this guy so I could get a pic
That's a steer skull 

Driving through Salt River Canyon was TERRIFYING 

A whole lot of nothing
This area almost gave me an anxiety attack, no joke.

 The Painted Desert

 The views are okay, I guess

 If you like sweeping vistas, this is your place

 There were quite a few petroglyphs 

This is supposed to be a waterbird eating a frog

I really enjoyed all the different piles of rocks

That sounded sarcastic, but it's not.

 I think those *may* be rivers during monsoon season, but yeah, they're dry.

And then there's Blue Mesa

Which is breathtaking and amazing and no pictures did it justice

What I imagine some barren planet to look like

"Rockslide" of petrified wood

Blue Mesa is part of the Petrified Forest, but the parks are RIGHT next to each other and connect
By the time we finished hiking Blue Mesa, we were chasing daylight.
We went back the next morning to see more of the Petrified Forest.
Spoiler Alert: it was amazing!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

19 Years

 The prettiest (and dustiest) princess

Today is Truby's birthday! My pretty princess is 19 years old. NINETEEN! Today we celebrated by eating cookies, getting a good grooming, and then rolling in the dirt. And maybe some more cookies. We're totally having a birthday party for her, but because of life events, it's going to be next week.  

Moar cookiez plz!

Wanna see some cute Truby pics? OF COURSE YOU DO! Truby was such a cute little baby horse. Here she is at 4 days old. I got this picture from her breeder, back when it was easier to mail physical photos in the mail, rather than email them. This post is really being to make me feel old.

This is the picture on her sale ad that made me buy her

Here's her being an adorable yearling. Spring, summer and winter. She was so gray!

Just a few years ago, in Pennsylvania

Happy Birthday, Truby!
I love you, you can have all the cookies!

I Just Wanted to Visit My Horse

This morning I went to visit Truby. I do this all the time, so I've gotten pretty good at it. I parked my car in the parking area, and f...