Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Aw, Snap!

Hello! I got a baff!

It's cold! Like, real cold, not fake Tucson cold. We've had a couple chilly nights, down into the 30s, and only into the 50s during the day. Plus wind. Near constant, howling wind. It reminds me of the bitter winter wind you get when there's at least a few inches of snow on the ground, and the wind howls, blowing the snow around and maybe a bit of icy sleet.

I woke up super early this morning, and was warm and toasty, snuggled under the blankets, and listened to the wind howl outside in the dark, and pretended there was snow and ice.

With the cold snap, Truby has gotten her legs wrapped for the first time this season. I don't know if the ceramic of the Back on Track wraps do anything magical, or just keeping her legs warm and supportive is enough, but when it dips into the 30s, wrapping keeps her from getting stiff and arthritic ouchies. I love the BoT Quik Wraps because they're EASY. They go on in seconds and stay in place. Plus I can trust just about anyone to put them on, if necessary.

She's adorable

The other day she was feeling silly, and kept moving around when I went to wrap her. Finally, when I went to put on the last wrap, she power-walked out to the outside part of her stall. Obviously I'd never be able to catch her again! Ahahaha, you clever mare! Whatever shall I do?


Last week she got a bath, and it was nice to get her squeaky clean. She had been out playing in the mucky part of her stall and was filthy! So she got a double shampoo all over, plus a nice long deep condition for her tail. 

So pretty! So clean!

15 minutes later...(sob)

Of course, that lasted all of 20 minutes or so. As soon as I let her loose, she rolled long and luxuriously in the dust, making sure to get both sides. Sigh. At least she's happy? She's also gotten a new load of sand in her outside stall, which is great, but doesn't help her stay any cleaner. She's pretty cute though, so I suppose it's worth it. The trials of owning a grey horse!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


I'm back from Mexico! I had a wonderful week and enjoyed almost every minute of it. The weather was perfect, the water (the Gulf and pools) were perfect, the resort was amazing, and the people were wonderful. 10/10 will go again!

I got home late last Tuesday night, and headed to the barn Wednesday morning to see Truby. And she was mad.


I heard that Truby missed me. Whenever Cinco's mom went to give her special attention, she would come up, all excited, but then realize that it wasn't me, and then sigh and wander away. Husband went out a few times to visit, and everyone at the barn gave her extra love, but apparently it didn't take the place of me.

Which kinda makes me feel good. I'm special! My horse likes me best! Yay! But...she wasn't thrilled when I showed up after a week away. She sulked. She put her ears back. She was Moody Mare. 

I'm mad at you, so I'm gonna play with your pitchfork!
I will punish you by being adorable!

 Looking majestic 

Wednesday was Farrier Day. One of the other horses had foundered just before I left, so our farrier called in another farrier to consult. She was super friendly, knowledgeable, and fascinating to listen to. Apparently she does quite a bit of teaching as well as trimming. It was a beautiful sunny day, and all of us were there, so it was just a lovely day at the barn. Learning about feet, talking to friends, petting our ponies. What else is better?

Truby says; Yeah, this is great.

Consulting farrier teaching us to draw on hooves

Truby was so relaxed she fell asleep

Once they had finished with Primo, we of course had to have the consulting farrier look at Cowgirl and Truby, just for lolz. Truby's feet are actually pretty good (especially for being Halter bred) but she has a funky hoof from an injury to her cornary band as a weanling. I always like to hear what people have to say about it. 

At one point, the consult was trying to explain something to our regular farrier, and she sighed and said "It's hard to explain when the horse's feet aren't messed up!" A weird compliment, but hey, Truby has good feet! Who doesn't love to hear that? 

It was a fun morning at the barn, although I was pretty tired and feeling kinda sick from our travel home the day before. I continued to be sick all week, and finally gave in and saw my doctor today. She agreed that I definitely was ill, but thinks it's just some random virus I picked up while travelling. I'm bummed. If I've been sick for a whole week, I want to HAVE something. C'mon, let me have Zika or Dengue fever or something. Ah, well. Maybe next time!

Auri was happy I came home

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Surprise Auri!

Auri got spayed recently, which I think means she's a grown up cat and not my little baby kitten anymore, technically. But don't worry, she's still my little baby kitten! We took her home the same day as her procedure, so she was still under the influence.


Everything went well, and husband picked her up because I got stuck at work. When I came home he was sitting on the living room floor doing his schoolwork, so he could be close to Auri and keep an eye on her. It made my heart melt a little  a lot. 

She has the cutest little cone of shame! It says "under construction" and has cute little sayings like "spoil me" and "Hug me" and for some reason "I"ll be back". of these things is not like the other.


Auri has adjusted quite well to her cone, and even kinda likes it. It's fun watching her move around the house. If she gets stuck or caught up on something, she works out how to handle it, and thinks she's quite clever and is rather proud of herself. It's adorable. 

But the first night...she figured out how to eat her dinner without problem, but not how to drink. This led to some hilarity at her drugged little kitten expense. First, we tried a little pie tin. Something she could easily reach without knocking the e-collar against. 

Next, we tried the heavy ceramic cooking pot. 

And finally, supervised without the e-collar

She's figured out the whole drinking thing now. But it was pretty funny watching her. Poor kitty, drugs are bad, m'kay? 

Her nickname is Murder Kitten for reasons

Auri is recovering well and should be out of her cone in a few more days. 
I hope you enjoyed her silliness!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Just Truby Things

It's been a busy week as I get ready for vacation. It's my first time to Mexico, ever, and my second time travelling out of the country. My family went to Canada when I was maybe 10 years old, so it's kinda hard to count that.

In the rush of working, running errands, and loving Trubys, I've given up on blogging until I get back. I had good intentions to get caught up on our recent adventures and then stay on top of it, but alas, life.

I like to think they were waiting for me to visit, but I have my doubts

Don't worry, they assured me they were totally NOT up to 
any shenanigans. Nope. Not even a little.

Don't worry, Truby is still the prettiest princess!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Trio of Truby Adventures

I'm a bit behind in sharing our little adventures. Fall has come to Tucson, and it's gorgeous! Chilly at night, comfortable during the day. Finally *not* *hot*! We've even had rain. It's been great! 

We started enjoying the change in weather a few weeks ago, by taking a walk on the Loop. I thought it would be a good experience to go counter clockwise, since we've always gone the other way. No difference in the trail, just going in reverse. Of course, that means the first corner of the Loop goes by a large stable. Truby did pretty well with this, and then we almost tripped over a pair of coyotes that were chilling like, just off the trail. Right outside the large, bustling stable. They glared at us and huffed off a dozen feet, and then threw themselves back down in the shade of a mesquite tree. Clearly annoyed we had disturbed their nap. 

Truby was NOT okay with the coyotes. Which is probably good. I don't want her to be blase about predators when we're out and about. Of course, I also don't want her freaking out and acting like a prey animal, instigating an attack response. (Oh shit! Coyotes! Look! I'm tasty and fun to chase! EEEeeee!!!!) Cautious awareness is good, panic is bad. We continued past the coyotes, Truby antsy and very aware of them, and then approached the riding arena, where someone was getting a lesson and cantering jumps. This is about 30 feet away from where the coyotes were chilling. This gave Tru something new to focus on, and she threw her head up in the air with the distinct "I can spook at this!" look nervous horses have when they just really want an excuse to set off their drama. 

I reminded her that no, this was no big deal. She's been around plenty of riding horses and jumping horses and she wasn't afraid of that. She immediately dropped her head and sighed, like, 'oh yeah, that's right. This isn't scary.' It was super cute! Of course, she then flicked her ears back and decided to return to Coyote Alert. 

She eventually settled, and the rest of the walk was no big deal. For some reason, I can't find any of the pictures from this trip. Booooo! 

She hates those adobe planters

Last week I took her for another handwalk, this time all the way down the cul de sac the barn is at the end of. Not a long trip, barely a quarter mile, but a new trip. She was very alert, and that gave us a chance to school some things. Like, not trying to crawl on top of me just because a cactus gave you side eye. We also worked on trash cans not being scary, and these stupid adobe planters that she absolutely hated.

I don't like it

Silly mare didn't mind the barrel cactus, not even when they poked her in the nose. Just the stupid planters. Horses! 

The idea with this walk was to start getting comfortable walking down to the big wash. And just the general idea of getting used to going new places. As it turns out, the path from the road to the wash is really overgrown right now, so we won't be trying that any time soon. But still, it's good to practice going new places, even if it is just down the road.

Pausing to stress eat

She was much more relaxed heading back home, and I was pleased with her. She wasn't super scared, and was still well in my control the entire time. I was able to get to to approach scary things, and even though she never really accepted the planters, she could tolerate walking past them. Good enough! When we got back, I turned her out to see if she needed to run off any nervous energy. She didn't, but she did want to roll. 

Our last adventure I'm going to save for another day. I just realized how late in the morning it's gotten, and I need to go run some errands. Stay tuned for a walk with Cinco!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Truby and Cinco's Best Afternoon EVAR

Monsoon season came to an end Sunday. The remnants of Hurricane Rosa gave us our last little bit of rain for the season. While Tucson missed out on most of the fun, we did get a few overcast days and light showers. It was a nice way to end the season, especially if you like things to be balanced and tidy (which I do, very much!) since monsoon season started off the the leftovers of Hurricane Bud.

The horses stay in their stalls on Sundays, and they stayed in again on Monday because the forecast was calling for rain, thunderstorms, sharknados, flooding, and rains of frogs. All that stayed much farther west (booo), and we just got a bit of light rain. I made a beeline for the barn as soon as work was over so I could let Truby and Cinco out to play.

Being a little wild, having some fun

I have permission from Cinco's owner to turn him out whenever I'm there, and Cinco's owner has my permission to turn Truby out, which is perfect. Both of them really enjoy their turnout time, and Tucson people tend to be a bit unconcerned with turnout. It's a desert thing, I guess. But we want our ponies out. Truby and Cinco are perfect turnout buddies. They get along, are respectful of each other, Cinco encourages Truby to move, but Truby doesn't wind him up. And neither one is attached or buddy sour. You can pull one out of the "pasture" and the other doesn't care. It's wonderful. 

When I first put them out, they moseyed around a bit, then Cinco decided it was time to stretch his legs and gallop around. Truby didn't join him at first, but she didn't mind him running around, even when he ran right up behind her. She seemed calm and content, and recognized her friend was just having fun. It didn't bother her at all. 

Of course, after he'd been playing for awhile, Truby became less indulgent. She decided he'd had enough time to be crazy, and it was time to Mind His Manners. Cinco is very respectful of other horses, but especially mares, so a couple mare glares and a kick or two, and he made sure his frolicking stayed away from Truby.


They did run around together quite a bit though. It's so good to have them out together. Cinco will gallop just for fun, but Truby would rather watch Netflix and eat chips, if she could. When they're out together he can usually entice her for a bit of playtime though, and she enjoys it, once she gets going. 

After they settled down, I grabbed the Hay Play, and stuffed some hay in it. It's been a long time since I used it, in fact, I just pulled it out of under some mesquite trees and cleaned it out the day before. So it was a bit new and exciting. Truby had some fun, while Cinco watched enviously. I'm not sure if he's gotten to try it out or not, but he LOVED it! But he had to wait his turn, poor baby horse.

They took turns with the Hay Play. When one played with it, the other moseyed around the turnout area, browsing on weeds and munching on mesquite leaves. Then they'd switch. After awhile, both of them abandoned the Hay Play and just wandered around, stretching their legs, enjoying the day, and being horses. 

I pulled up a chair and ate my lunch. At this point, it was almost 5 o'clock, which more dinner time than lunch time, but I hadn't gotten a chance to eat during the day. It was really nice. Just overcast enough to be pleasant, a good breeze, and nice scenery. Since my lunch was just leftover hummus, baby carrots, and breadsticks, I ended up sharing the carrots with the ponies. Of course.

My pretty princess

After lunch, I did a little barnwork. Tidying Truby's stall, getting her pysillium dosed out and stuffing her net with hay. I saw one of our regular coyotes. I love her. She's beautiful, alert, and whenever she sees me she gets a look like "I do not have time to deal with this". I'm obviously an inconvenience to her, and it amuses me. Someday I'll get a really nice picture of her.

After annoying the coyote, I checked in on the horses. Just to see what they were up to. Oh, nothing. Just being ADORABLE.

They were enjoying a good grooming session. At one point, they switched sides, Cinco closer to me and Truby on his other side. But apparently that was weird because about a minute later they switched back. Seriously, if these two get any cuter they're just going to turn into cotton candy or something. 


And that's basically Truby and Cinco's best afternoon out. They had so much fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them! A perfect way to spend an afternoon. 

Thursday, September 27, 2018

I Have a Patronus and It's -NOT- a Pig

First off, thank you all so much for the love and kindness. I won't, can't, reply to your comments, it's too hard, but thanks to everyone that took a moment to offer support and comfort. It really does mean a lot to me. I miss Haiku so much. I hope no one else has to experience the pain, loss, and emptiness I'm feeling. But I guess that's the price we pay to love anyone else. And I do hope that everyone gets to experience the love, joy, and happiness that little dog brought to me. Life. Weird. Complicated. Worth it.

Truby and I are starting to have adventures again! It's still quite warm here, upper 90s, but the mornings are cool, and soon prime riding weather will be here. But today I want to share something almost magical that happened earlier this week.

I've been grieving for Haiku, obviously, and it's been hit or miss as too how well I've been handling that. The shock has worn off, and it's time to deal with feelings. It's the worst. I was kinda doing okay, but then Sunday I started doing poorly. Really yucky in the headspace. Anyone that's dealt with depression or other mental health issues probably knows the feeling. My thoughts keep chasing each other around. All negative. All hurtful. All angry and unhappy. Should I manage to redirect off one train of thought, I just latched on to another equally gross feeling. I couldn't get out of it, and Monday it just got worse. My brain was a swirling cesspool of miserable thoughts and feelings. Not just of loss, but everything I could throw in there. I couldn't escape it. I began to resign myself to many days of misery.

I woke up early Tuesday morning, about 3 am. No reason, just couldn't sleep. I went out to the living room to waste time on the internets until I either fell asleep, or it was late enough to get up and do something. I was bitter about my insomnia. Bad enough to have such a nasty mental state, and now I couldn't even sleep through it.

Just before 4 am, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I assumed it was someone walking their large dog past the apartment. A minute later, I saw another "dog" go past, but definitely no person. I stared in interest, maybe they were coyotes? And then a large shape passed right in front of the window. Too big and blocky to be a coyote...but maybe a bobcat?

So I did what any other sane person would do, I grabbed my phone and slipped out onto the porch. The early morning was quiet and absolutely still. Walking down the sidewalk that runs alongside our apartment, were javelinas. 

They were surprising quiet, especially for such bulky creatures. I could hear the gentle  tap tap tap of their hooves on the sidewalk. And the occasional, soft grunty grunt as they snuffled the ground.

They went past me, obviously in no hurry, and with no concern. They seemed perfectly comfortable, like they were exactly where they wanted to be, and going exactly where they wanted. They may have tapity tapped on the sidewalk, but they were almost silent on the stones. 

I watched them for just a few minutes, and saw 8 javelinas. I don't know where they came from. I'm not really sure where they went. Our complex is enclosed on all sides by 5 foot high adobe walls, and iron gates too narrow for them to get through. I suppose they could have followed a car in, but it seems unlikely, unless the herd was ready and waiting to dash in! 

This group was calm and unhurried. After the last one passed out of sight, I sighed, and slipped back into the apartment - and smack into my husband. He had heard me open the door, and woke up to investigate. We both scared the bejesus out of each other! I told him about the javelinas I had seen. We went out to look, but they were gone. 

I showed him the pictures I had taken, and told him about it. I was so excited! Husband was interested, but soon went back to sleep. I was too giddy to sleep, but I didn't feel gross. Just excited. And finally, just after dawn, I slept.

I awoke late morning, and went about my day. I realized something, that afternoon. My thoughts were clear. My brain was peaceful. I was no longer battling constant ugly thoughts. I had control about what I thought about - and could dismiss unpleasant ideas. How angry that jerk client from 3 days ago made me? I could forget that. My worry that my boss was mad at me? I could let that go. Random frustrations? Gone. I've done a lot to try and manage my mental health problems, and it's never been this easy to get out of a bad place. 

It was the javelinas.

I know it sounds a bit ridiculous, but I feel that those javelinas come through to chase away my unhappy, twisted thoughts, and bring some peace. The whole event felt so unreal, even at the time. It was so quiet. So peaceful. So perfect. Javelinas are common in this area, sure. They're not common inside my apartment complex. There's much better places for them to scavenge, that are easier for them to get to. 

I don't really care what anyone thinks, or if it sounds silly. I believe those javelinas came to help me. I've always kinda liked javelinas, I think they're neat. But I never was super into them. That may have changed. I feel a kinship with them. These strange not-pigs really helped me. I will always remember that, and be grateful. 

Thank you, javelina friends! Your gift was much appreciated, at a time when it was also much needed. 

Aw, Snap!

Hello! I got a baff! It's cold! Like, real cold, not fake Tucson cold. We've had a couple chilly nights, down into the 30s, a...